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New Zealand Diploma in Christian Studies (Level 6) - Religious Education

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Programme Structure

RE601 What Makes a School Catholic?
RE602 The Religious Education Curriculum
RE603 Issues in Catholic Education
RE604 Leadership in Catholic Schools
SC601 The Gospel in Aotearoa

TH601 Sacraments Today 

TH609 He Turanga Whakaaro
TH624 Values for Religious Education


Options (with approval from Programme Coordinator)

TH625 Theology for Religious Education: Special Topic OR TH620 Studies in Church History may be studied instead of TH609 He Turanga Whakaaro
SC602 Bible in Religious Education may be studied instead of SC601 The Gospel in Aotearoa.


For Teachers and Leaders in Catholic Schools


Gain a New Zealand Diploma in Christian Studies (Level 6) - Religious Education (NZDCS-RE)

Acquire knowledge and skills required for teaching Religious Education and for positions of leadership in Catholic schools

Entry Requirement

Students need to have completed a level 5 theological qualification, e.g. NZCCS-RE, and be teaching in a Catholic school to be accepted into this programme of study.

Main Features

8 Courses in Theology, Scripture, Religious Education and leadership.

Higher Study

If you wish to take your studies further, The NZDCS-PM carries credit points towards a Bachelor of Theology at:

  • University of Otago
  • Good Shepherd College
  • Sydney College of Divinity


Career Opportunities

This Diploma can lead to a range of careers. Graduates will find this diploma is specifically designed for those teaching in Catholic schools who wish to work as DRS, in other senior management roles or teach NCEA Religious Education.  


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Students have said: "You have given me a level of teaching I wish to aspire to. Thank you. I came to this course with limited knowledge and will be leaving feeling well informed and more confident in my classroom teaching."