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New Zealand Certificate in Christian Studies (Level 5) - Religious Education

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For Teachers and Trainee Teachers 

The New Zealand Certificate in Christian Studies (Level 5) - Religious Education (NZCCS-RE) is specifically for those studying at a University College of Education who would like to teach in a Catholic school and for qualified teachers in Catholic schools.

The NZCCS-RE will provide you with the knowledge and skill to to confidently and competently teach Religious Education and to contribute to the Catholic character of your school

Main Features

6 Courses in Theology, Scripture and Religious Education and 1 Practicum (for trainee teachers) or 1 project/portfolio (for practicing teachers) 


Higher Study

This Certificate fulfils the entry criteria for the New Zealand Diploma in Christian Studies (Level 6) - Religious Education which is a 120 credit Level 6 qualification. 

Career Opportunities

This qualification is designed for those wishing to teach or who are already teaching in a Catholic school. 

Programme Structure

Seven courses (papers)
RE501 Religious Education Today 10 credits
RE502 Spirituality for Teachers 10 credits
TH501 What Catholics Believe 10 credits
TH502 What is Theology? 10 credits
SC501 Understanding the Old Testament 10 credits
SC502 Interpreting the New Testament 10 credits
RE503 Teaching Practice (trainee teachers) 20 credits


Teaching in a Catholic School (qualified teachers)

This is a capstone paper and should be undertaken once all other papers have been completed.

20 credits

One of the following courses (papers) can be substituted for
TH502 What is Theology?

Church and Sacraments

10 credits

TH504 Catholic Social Teaching 10 credits
TH505 Issues in Christian Ethics 10 credits
TH506 He Timatanga - A Beginning 10 credits

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Students have said: "amazingly good examples of good teaching practice, every session. I have learnt a lot about teaching, planning and assessment in religious education. Group learning, providing information to help me understand what teaching re in a catholic school is all about."