The Catholic Institute

Diploma in Pastoral Leadership

 PC9298 | NZQA approved | Level 6, 245 credits | 2.04 efts

 TCI is no longer accepting any new enrolments into this qualification. 


Gain a Diploma in Pastoral Leadership

Acquire knowledge and pastoral skills that will equip you for leadership roles in parishes without a resident priest and other church settings

Enrich your own understanding of faith

Main Features

18 Courses in Theology, Scripture, Pastoral Ministry and Leadership

Higher Study

If you wish to take your studies further, the Diploma in Pastoral Leadership carries 72 credit points toward a Bachelor of Theology at:

  • Otago University
  • Good Shepherd College
  • Catholic Institute of Sydney

Career Opportunities

This qualification can lead to a range of careers.  Graduates work in parish leadership roles, chaplaincies, and voluntary work with parishes.

Further information

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Programme Structure

At the 100 Level
TH101 Introduction to Catholicism
TH102 Introduction to Theology
TH110 Introduction to Christian Morality
SC101 Introduction to the Old Testament
SC102 Introduction to the New Testament
At the 200 Level
PM202 Celebrating the Liturgy
PM232 Liturgical Leadership and Practice
TH203 Understanding Church
TH211 Catholic Social Teaching
TH219 Māori Spirituality
TH231 Catholic Spiritual Tradition
TH236 The New Zealand Church: Leadership in Context
At the 300 Level
SC335 Biblical Themes and Models for Leadership
TH336 Sacraments of the Church
LD/PM331 Leadership and Ministry
LD/PM332 Skills for Pastoral Leadership
LD/PM333 Values and Ethics in Pastoral Leadership
LD/PM334 Pastoral Leadership in Synthesis


Students have said: "I loved this course - it was exceptionally helpful in my work as an Adult Faith Educator and Sacramental Programme Co-ordinator.  A thoroughly enjoyable course.  Knowledgeable lecturer, use of humour by lecturer and willingness to take time to answer questions, lots covered but it didn't feel pressured - more a sense of being intrigued."