The Catholic Institute


Tuition Fees and Course Costs 2017

Note : Fees are charged per course (paper) and not for the whole year’s study. All fees are GST inclusive. 


Course fee per Paper

Admin Fee

per Paper


Courses (papers)  at Level 5 and 6 (coded 100, 200 [old] or 500, 600 [new]) 



Courses (papers) at Level 6 (coded 300 [old] or 600 [new])



Master of Educational Leadership (per TCI unit)*



One day modules for the Certificate in Leadership in a Catholic School



Two day modules for the Certificate in Leadership in a Catholic School



Payment of Fees

All fees are to be paid eight days after the commencement of each course (paper) on receipt of invoice.

Masters Papers

Fees for the Masters degree are paid on a semester basis and they cover all administrative costs, including application and enrolment fees, books of readings and any other class material as required.  There are no extra charges. Course fees do not cover accommodation costs.

Please note that these fees are applicable to students studying for the degree at TCI only.   Please see the ACU website for ACU's 2017 fees. 

Recognition of Prior Learning Fees

To be eligible for credits students are to supply evidence of a recognised qualification obtained from another learning institution which is less than 10 years ago and at the equivalent level or higher than the TCI qualification.

RPL from an overseas institute (per application) $50.00
RPL from a New Zealand institute (per application)  $40.00
Cross-credits within TCI  no charge
Evidence of pre-requisite for entry into NZDCS qualifications  no charge