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How to study by Distance

What do you need to do when studying by Distance
How to get started
Begin by reading the course description at the front of your Module Book to see what the course is about. Look, too, at the assessment task(s) and the marking schedule to get a general idea of the end of the journey. You will see that your Module Book consists of six modules.
Course reader and module book
At the end of each section of each module in your Module Book, you are asked to read various articles found in the Course Reader before moving on to the next section.
At the end of each module, there are questions to answer. Type your answers to the questions for the first two modules in a WORD document and email it as an attachment to your tutor. This is Journal one. You will need to complete three journals for each course. 
An academic journal is different from a personal journal. Answer the questions with reference to what you have been reading in the course material (module book) and the course readings.