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Chapters in Edited Books:


LONGHURST, Christopher E. (2016). “Western Mosque and Muslim Integration: Identity Crisis and Resolution.” Muslim Integration: Pluralism and multiculturalism in New Zealand and Australia, Lexington Books, pp. 49-66.



Scholarly Journal Articles in print:


LONGHURST, Christopher E. (2017). “Maryam bint ‘Imran as ‘Our Lady of Muslims’.” Journal of Ecumenical Studies, 52, 3, University of Pennsylvania Press, pp. 465-469.


LONGHURST, Christopher E. (2017). “Confluence Between Christian and Muslim Iconography.” ENCOUNTER - Documents for Muslim-Christian Understanding, Pontifical Institute of Arabic Studies and Islamology, Rome, Italy, 42, 1, 42 pp.


DUKE, Zachariah. (2016). "Dissolving Boundaries" - An Analysis of Threshold Concepts in Disability Theology (with Peter Mudge). Journal of Adult Theological Education 13, 2, pp. 147-162.



Online Scholarly Journal Articles:


LONGHURST, Christopher E. (2018). “Te Kahurangi o Māhutonga.” Stimulus, Laidlaw College, New Zealand, vol. 25/1 <>


Conference Paper Presentations:


DUKE, Zachariah. “A Practical Theology of Time: Insights from Jean Vanier, St Thérèse of Lisieux and John Swinton.” Association of Practical Theology in Oceania Conference, Suva, Fiji, 2018.


LONGHURST, Christopher E. “Pseudo-Māori (Māoriesque) Visual Art in the Catholic Tradition: An Aesthetic Form of Interculturaility.” Australian Catholic Theological Association, Annual Conference, Australian Catholic University, Melbourne, 2018.


DUKE, Zachariah. “Quality assurance in unit design and delivery with sessional academic staff.” Higher Education Compliance and Quality Network Conference, Melbourne, 2016.