The Catholic Institute

Dr Maya Bernardo

Maya b

Position: Distance/Online Coordinator and Researcher

Location:  TCI National Office, Wellington

Qualifications: PhD (Educational Leadership & Management), MBA, BSc

Contact:  04 819 8387  Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Maya has been working in higher education for over 26 years, 15 of which were teaching as an adult educator and 10 in research and publications, and all throughout working concurrently as a unit or programme manager. She has experienced higher education in different country-contexts, such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand. 


Her published works are in the area of higher education leadership and management, community engagement and development and international education. She is regularly invited to review articles from high impact international journals on education and is occasionally invited to collaborate with scholars from different fields of discipline.


Her present role in TCI is encouraging her to explore possible studies in Catholic and pastoral leadership.

Since 2010 Maya holds an Honorary Fellowship with the Australian Catholic University.


Published Journal Articles & Chapter Contributions 


  • Bernardo, M.A.C., Baranovich, D. and Manueli, M. (In press) Behind the blackboard: Voices of migrant educators. Gammel, J., Motulsky, S., and Rutstein-Riley, A. (eds).  In I am what I become: Constructing and Identity as a Lifelong Learner.  Information Age Publication: Charlotte, NC.
  • Capistrano, R. and Bernardo, M.A.. (In press) Mother knows best. Exploring the matrilineal influence of VFR tourism in New Zealand. Submitted to Young Consumers, Emerald Insight.
  • Bernardo, M. and Baranovich, D. (2016). Dissent by design: Fostering student activism in higher education through a case study of student affairs in a public university in the Philippines. Journal of College Student Development, Volume 57, No. 2.
  • Bernardo, M. and Baranovich, D. (2014). Higher education in the heart of armed conflict: Exploring the pivotal role of student affairs. International Journal for Educational Development, Volume 35, pp 78-85. DOI: 10.1016/j.ijedudev.2012.08.007
  • Bernardo, M. and Almonte-Acosta, S. (2014). A Closer Look at Internationalism in International Education in the Philippines: A Journey Towards Authenticity.  Book chapter in Globalizing Minds: Rhetoric and Realities in International Schools Edited by Iveta Silova and Daphne Hobson. Information Age Publishing: Charlotte, NC
  • Bernardo, M., Butcher, J., and Howard, P. (2013). The leadership of engagement between university and community: Conceptualising leadership in community engagement in higher education. International Journal for Educational Leadership. DOI: 10.1080/13603124.2012.761354 (Published Online : 15 February 2013)
  • Bernardo, M. (2013). Research Management in Higher Education: An Emerging Critical Skill for Educational Leaders. In Educational Management in Malaysia (pp 73-82). Ghani Muhammad, F.A., Mohd Razi, N., Ranee, A., and Afshari, M. (2013). Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia University Malaya Press.
  • Bernardo, M.A.C. and Malakolunthu, S. (2012). Culturally Inclusive Behaviours of Filipino Teachers in International Schools in the Philippines: Perspectives of International Education in a Developing Country. International Journal for Educational Development.
  • Bernardo, M., Butcher, J. and Howard, P. (2011). International Comparison of Community Engagement in Higher Education. International Journal for Educational Development, DOI: 10.1016/j.ijedudev.2011.04.008
  • Bernardo, M., and Howard, P. (2011). Student Affairs within Philippine Public Universities: A Multi-Case Analysis. South East Asian Studies Journal (Jati) Vol. 16, December 2011, 253-266 .
  • Bernardo, M. (2007). The Making of Heroes: A Grounded Theory Study on Student Development. Asia Pacific Social Science Review, Volume 7, Number 2.
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